Interfloor ECONYL®
12 Jul 2019

Interfloor Collection

The Interfloor carpet and vinyl collections are developed with the utmost care for people and the environment. Interfloor has been using ECONYL® regenerated yarn for both residential and contract rugs for years. Its performance fit perfectly everywhere: from almost every room in the house to intensive use in offices, showrooms, restaurants, hotel lobbies, schools and […]

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alcarol_Ocean Networks
09 Jul 2019

OCEAN NETWORKS Collection by Alcarol

At this year Milan Design Week, Alcarol presented OCEAN NETWORKS_ Collection in a world premiere. The project aims to represent one of the main problems submerged in the oceans of our planet: the ghost nets, and part of the solution. 640,000 tons of fishing nets are abandoned in our oceans every year, turning millions of […]

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10 May 2019

“Human Fascination” collection by Tarkett. One launch 4 inspirational carpets

Human Fascination is the latest addition to the DESSO Carpetecture® family, celebrating nature’s diversity as well as its fragility. From the prodigious panorama of a rugged coastline to a plant seen from the perspective of the smallest insect, these carpet tiles feature an abstract design that hint at the landscapes we so admire. Echoing the […]

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09 May 2019

Industrial Landscape by Tom Dixon New interpretations of old London surfaces.

The designer collection Industrial Landscape by Tom Dixon was originally launched in 2016. Today, three years and several international interior projects later, ege carpets and the renowned British designer behind the collection unveil a sharp update of the all-pervading London structures and materials. London – an eternal source of inspiration to Tom Dixon Industrial Landscape […]

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22 Feb 2019

Endless design possibilities with maesh® unlimited by TOUCAN-T

The innovative high-tech tile maesh unlimited by TOUCAN-T is the result of creative design and the latest tufting technology. The goal was the creation of a structured carpet tile, which visually connects to form an even floor space. Through its fine high-low-optics seamless transitions can be created: Joins become invisible. High flexibility and a homogeneous […]

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13 Feb 2019

The Vorwerk flooring new ECONYL® lines

The Vorwerk flooring EXCLUSIVE, SUPERIOR AND ESSENTIAL LINES are part of the brand range, which consists of “3 product lines. 3 style worlds. Millions of possibilities”.  These product lines vary in their manufacturing process, material quality, and durability, as well as in their selection of designs and colors – for high, higher and the highest standards. […]

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19 Dec 2018

AW launches super soft carpet saving sea life

With its new brand Sedna®, AW launches a broadloom carpet collection that is soft, luxurious and durable. Made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon, Sedna® carpet helps to save thousands of beautiful sea creatures like sea turtles, dolphins, and seals that will no longer get stuck in life-threatening abandoned fishing nets. Moreover, Sedna® comes with an ECO […]

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16 Nov 2018

Betap’s collection

The two main items that people use in their environment, work or home, are geometric elements such as the rectangle or circle which can be found in the forms of rooms, furniture, windows, lightning etc. and natural elements such as f.e. the natural and unique design of marble, slate or bark, the surface of water, […]

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07 Nov 2018

 Siren carpet collection

By following the vision ignited by thier founders Tony Timpson and Grant Biel, for 60 years Cavalier Bremworth has been an innovative producer of beautiful, high-quality carpets made in New Zealand. From the timeless luxury of wool to the cutting-edge innovation of synthetics, their carpets are designed to enhance any home or environment. Never satisfied […]

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23 Oct 2018

French Couture collection by Balsan

Dedicated to the world of hotels and offices, French Couture collection made by Balsan adopts the noblest of materials and the most sophisticated techniques, recreating the emblematic motifs of precious fabrics. The shades match the walls, the raised sections create hand-stitched effects and the compositions create the illusion of disorder, without monotony. For unique elegance […]

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22 Oct 2018

Sahara Wave entrance carpet by Rinos

Rinos is a specialist manufacturer of textile entrance matting for commercial and residential use. Entrance flooring fulfills a key function in buildings: it provides comfort and safety, it protects other flooring against wear and tear and reduces cleaning costs. An example of a content end user is Griftland College in Soest, The Netherlands. Their Sahara […]

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19 Oct 2018

Mooiflor collection, geometrical and linear patterns

A sophisticated range of carpet designs originating from both traditional and modern heritage that have beautifully adapted, adorned and colored for a fresh contemporary look. Featuring modern geometrical and linear patterns presented in a palette of greenery, lapis blue and ultra violet. Exquisite textures are created through unique designs and ECONYL® fibers in a diverse […]

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17 Oct 2018

Voxflor, “Hub” collection

“Nowadays, an ordinary subway station has become a mini transport hub. We have many different transport options, which vary from buses to trains, from shared bikes to walking. These alternatives have led to the creation of new terms: P+R (Park & Ride), BMW (Bike-Metro-Walk)… the natural result of diversification in travelling. Combinations bring not only […]

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17 Oct 2018

Paragon national floorcoverings, “Total Contrast” collection

Paragon Carpets is a UK manufacturer of carpet tiles with a committed focus on environmental change. Its carpet tile factory is the cleanest carbon emissions facility in Europe, this makes ECONYL® yarn a perfect match for Paragon with its similar focus for reuse of environmental waste, repurposed into new products. ECONYL® yarn is used in the Total […]

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05 Oct 2018

MEDIUM – How to future-proof the design of your office

Nothing has changed as rapidly in design as the concept of offices in the latest years. But, are there trends which are persistent? What is the future of offices, and why there are so many changes constantly? We talked with two brands of carpet flooring design — Tarkett and ege carpets — who are now focusing on finding out […]

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16 Jul 2018

Desso AirMaster® with EcoBase at the new offices of the Municipality of Breda

The Municipality of Breda chose the DESSO AirMaster® carpet with EcoBase® backing for their rejuvenated office space as a pilot for the new approach to office design. This carpet is made with our ECONYL® regenerated nylon coming from waste material instead of oil and has a special backing designed by Desso to be fully recyclable. […]

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06 Jun 2018

Delight Collection: brilliant designs for dazzling spaces

Delight collection made by modulyss, brings joy of shimmering effects to and subtle metallic to work and hospitality spaces. A sophisticated response to the metallic trend, the Delight collection is made of five carpet tile designs, four of which are made with ECONYL® yarn. Delight is a utterly enchanting carpet tile range that will radiate […]

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09 Apr 2018

Desso Air Master® with recycled EcoBase® backing

Desso is a Dutch carpet manufacturer who decided to re-engineer carpet tiles to make them more easily recyclable at the end of their life. It’s called engineering for remanufacturing or for disassembly, and we like this concept because our ECONYL® yarn is regenerated and infinitely regenerable, so we are always looking to collaborate with brands willing […]

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21 Feb 2018

PLACES OF ORIGIN by Object Carpet

Places of Origin is the newest family of super innovative designs created by Object Carpet, using the highest technology of carpet manufacture and our ECONYL® regenerated nylon. Nature was the source of inspiration for the pattern designs, each available in various hues: fields, canyons, dunes, pack-ice, and forests. Object Carpet draws inspiration from a bird’s […]

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20 Feb 2018


North American rug manufacturer and importer Delos has joined forces with nylon 6 manufacturer Aquafil to add the ECONYL® StayClean nylon to its product set. One of Delos’ first collections to feature ECONYL® StayClean is a private label pattern named Piran for retailer Room & Board. Thanks to the use of ECONYL® regenerated nylon, Piran […]

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06 Feb 2018

ReForm Terra by ege

ReForm Terra by ege adds a new and organic design to the ReForm family that counts the Artworks, Foss, Legend, Matrix and Memory collections as well. Inspired by diverse landscapes from around the world The Terra collection transforms impressive earth landscapes into abstract flooring surfaces with organic patterns. The multi-dimensional design features various yarn layers […]

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06 Feb 2018

ReForm Artworks Ecotrust by ege

ReForm Artworks Ecotrust is a new member of ege’s famous ReForm family embracing an attractive selection of multidimensional and environmental friendly collections. Energetic brushstrokes with artistic freedom Artworks interprets the times’ spirit of the abstract expressionist movement in the 1950s New York with a design transferring mark-making, collage and the aesthetics of chance to the […]

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16 Oct 2017


Evolution is a stunning new collection of patterned carpets consisting of 6 new designs aptly entitled Origin, Glaze, Manhattan, Forest, Geo Form, and Scape. Manufactured using new innovative tufting technology and incorporating Aquafil’s ECONYL®’s 100% regenerated nylon yarn, The Evolution Collection not only has outstanding performance features but also has a strong environmental focus. The […]

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28 Aug 2017


axis is a collection of carpet tiles inspired by our surroundings: nature, art, food, and culture. Strong and bold, or rich and calm, the palette of 11 colors provides the axis for many different flooring schemes. Create a vibrant punch of color, a calm oasis, or use in combination with other burmatex ranges such as […]

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12 May 2017

ECONOMIX by DANFLOOR at Wharncliffe

An office refurbishment project at the Head Office of IT specialist’s Wharncliffe required a high performing and acoustically sound flooring solution for their busy office environment. ECONOMIX collection by danfloor, made with ECONYL® 100% Regenerated Nylon fiber is the perfect solution for this specific requirement. Wharncliffe looked to danfloor to provide a long-term flooring solution […]

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04 Aug 2016


With a big launch event taking place on the 3rd of August in Auckland, New Zealand, carpet manufacturer Cavalier Bremworth launched a new collection made with ECONYL® StayClean regenerated yarn. The name of the collection is Siren and takes inspiration from fishing nets recovered from the seas. These nets are one of the waste materials that enter the ECONYL® Regeneration System and, […]

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14 Jan 2014


No other textile has the iconic status of denim, the most worn fabric of all times. Inspired by the diversity of the authentic garment, Desso, a Tarkett company, has launched a new carpet tile called Jeans. Desso is constantly looking for honest and distinctive solutions to the need for creative and sustainable carpet designs. The […]

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13 Jan 2014


Tapibel is presenting the Myriad collection featuring exceptional new qualities that take the established diversity and excellence typical of INCATI to the next level. Myriad consists of nine unique design and is suited for heavy commercial and contract use. It demonstrates tremendous versatility offering the possibility for creating a great variety of styles and moods. […]

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11 Jan 2014


In a world where the abundance of choice and varieties can be felt as a stimulant overload, Desso launches the new Essentials collection that draws inspiration from recognized icons with a clean and simple combination of texture and colors for an infinite number of flooring experiences. The collection, made with ECONYL® regenerated yarn, is available […]

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10 Jan 2014

Suminoe: ECOS EX-7000

Suminoe has been the pioneer to new level of the sustainability concept in carpet tiles with ECOS® by innovative recycling technology of PVC backing materials from waste carpet tiles into fresh products. In combination with 100% regenerated Polyamide solution dyed yarn ECONYL® from pre- and post-consumer waste, Suminoe launched new carpet tile collection ECOS EX-7000 […]

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08 Jan 2014


The ECONOMIX collection by Danfloor provides an exceptionally hardwearing flooring solution with a number of innovative performance characteristics, making it suited to a variety of demanding environments including the healthcare, education, commercial and hospitality sectors.  Made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn, ECONOMIX is a range that has a strong environmental focus. Manufactures from pre- and […]

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07 Jan 2014


Interface has been providing the carpet industry with premium products inspired by the earth’s natural habitats for years. The 2014 Human Nature™ Collection by Interface is no exception. The collection, made with 100% regenerated ECONYL® fiber is made from 81% total recycled content.  These innovative designs leave consumers and designers feeling as if they are […]

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05 Jan 2014


DESSO AirMaster® made with ECONYL® yarn was the selected product for the carpet at the SEDNA hospital in Mexico. The hospital focuses on preventive medicine and stresses the importance of managing our health before illness strikes. This product made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn was selected due to its ability to positively contribute to the […]

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04 Jan 2014


Interface is breaking through to new levels of environmental and social responsibility, sustainability and the next wave in product design. The Net Effect™ collection, made with 100% regenerated ECONYL® yarn, is inspired both by the ocean’s life-giving power and its plight – marine life and habitats that are endangered by discarded fishing nets, acidification, over-fishing, […]

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02 Jan 2014


ECONYL® solution dyed yarn was used in the creation of the  ‘Visions of…’ collection from European carpet manufacturer Desso. The designs of the collection are expressive without dominating their surroundings and are based on a unique combination of techniques. The compact, layered structure leads to a surprising surface effect in which the pattern appears and […]

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01 Jan 2014


The projects of designer/artist Marcel Wanders are a prime example of how a carpet made from 100% regenerated ECONYL® yarn can be used to create artistic buildings, with a very distinct feel. He uses carpet as an instrument of poetic presentation for rooms, as a symbiosis of technical perfection and creative extravagance. That’s what Join […]

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01 Jan 2014


The ECONYL® brand and Vorwerk partnered, for the second year in a row to create the “green red carpet” for the GreenTec Awards 2014. The carpet, made by Vorwerk with ECONYL® regenerated yarn, was chosen for its sustainable story and efforts to free the world of nylon waste in order to protect precious raw materials. […]

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01 Jan 2014

Interface: WORLD WOVEN

World Woven collection by Interface is “inspired by handwoven fabrics from the 1950s and 1960s from Scandinavia, the British Isles, Asia and the Americas” and draws on the uncomplicated, imperfect yet beautiful nature of traditional hand-crafted materials. But the real Muse of the World Woven Collection is Misao Jo, the founder of “Saori”, a free-style […]

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01 Jan 2014


Net-Effect™ carpet, made with ECONYL® regenerated yarn, has been used inselect areas of San Francisco Travel’s new offices. The new office space on the 29th floor of One Front Street is a LEED® Gold Certified. Rapt Studio, driven by their commitment to sustainability, supervised the design of the new space ensuring the use of repurposed […]

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