Beyond the legend of the angular architects of the Bauhaus, there were the Bauhaus weavers, primarily women stepping into history utilizing exquisite hand-craftsmanship. Originating out of domestic necessity or perceived hobby, we mark 100 years of weaving, celebrating the industry of woven textiles. Thread Story pays homage to the intricate details where weaving meets digital precision. 

Interface’s new technology not only aesthetically emulates weaves of old, with multi level loops or flat weave designs, the inspiration behind Thread Story recognizes the technicians operating these machines in factories around the world. The collection works in a variety of design aesthetics offering a unique twist to a design classic, especially in the continued expansion of expansion of renovated warehouse buildings as well as the new buildings, built to look old.

Also appeared on Metropolis magazine: 6 Innovative Textiles and Soft Surfaces from NeoCon.