Delight collection made by modulyss, brings joy of shimmering effects to and subtle metallic to work and hospitality spaces.

A sophisticated response to the metallic trend, the Delight collection is made of five carpet tile designs, four of which are made with ECONYL® yarn.

Delight is a utterly enchanting carpet tile range that will radiate through interiors with unexpected turns and tricks of light, tantalizing at every glance. Delight is ready to dazzle in alluring looks perfect for work and hospitality spaces, unified through a gloss accent and color range.

Vanessa van Overmeeren, product development management, explains the Delight collection:

“Each designs stands up on own right; powerful looks that make an assured statement through a sophisticated handling of dull and gloss combinations. Linked through an elegant use of metallic yarns and shared colors, we are looking forward to seeing how designers work the five confident designs on their own or mixed and matched into flooring schemes.”

In a world marked by technological revolutions, the cool look of Blaze embodies our perpetually moving digital existence. This minituft carpet tile offers an industrial and minimal design with ultra-clean lines and pixelated gloss effect.

Gleam exudes luxury and comfort through a rich and shiny feel. Perfectly suited for hospitality spaces and luxury office areas, this carpet tile blends dull and glossy yarn to create a chic and mysterious mood, while being extraordinary soft to the touch.

In Dusk, modulyss has captured the final flares of colors and shimmer as day turns to night with a fluid geometric design. Then, as night turns back to day, Dawn celebrates the shifting and muting atmosphere of our galaxy with a radiating biophilic design.

Blaze, Gleam, Dusk and Dawn are all made with our ECONYL® regenerated nylon.