Each rug, a new story.

Founded in 1946, FERREIRA DE SÁ stands as one of the biggest and oldest existing companies producing luxurious rugs.

As innovation is one of Ferreira de Sa’s most important assets, production methods and processes have been improving ever since the company was founded. By doing so, Ferreira de Sá was able to put forward new techniques and develop its production.

Hand-Tufted Technique

Ferreira de Sá Rugs has developed hand-tufted area rugs and carpets for high-end residential and prestigious hospitality projects around the world. The hand-tufted quality is suitable for any area; from stair-runner and presidential suite to the corridor and inset lobby rug.

The hand-tufted technique offers endless possibilities in design. All kinds of textures, such as high pile and low pile, cut, loop. A 3-dimensional effect can even be achieved, and the carving is done entirely by hand. The pattern can be non-repetitive, as the hand-tuft technique does not stop the design. The creation of a hand-tufted carpet begins with the mood board.

The Ferreira de Sá design team communicates directly with the customer, discussing all the requirements and possibilities in order to produce the final design artwork.

Bespoke Service

Ferreira de Sá rugs are bespoke and every piece is tailored and designed according to each client’s request and desire. Creating a Ferreira de Sá rug is a unique experience. No details are left at random: the staff is available to help on new trends, textures and materials. The whole process is in-house, with a talented team of designers and artisans working alongside the clients, whether it is a residential or a contract project, striving for perfection, while keeping in mind that quality is the keyword to the company’s success.

Chosen for their quality, durability and original designs, Ferreira de Sá rugs can be found in many hotels, restaurants, yachts, offices, museums, institutional and governmental buildings, banks and retail spaces around the world.

Since environmental and social awareness is one of the essential principles of Ferreira de Sá, there has always been a commitment to reducing the company’s ecological footprint. This concern is reflected in the use of ecological and sustainable raw materials, non-polluting chemical products and a fast recycling process that covers all Ferreira de Sá facilities. Now, with the partnership with ECONYL® regenerated nylon, the aim is to continue to establish a pioneering position in environmental sustainability, ensuring good conditions for future generations.

“In my opinion ECONYL® is without a doubt the best new material that can be used in rugs; I would go so far as to say that, in my professional opinion and experience, ECONYL® is the best material up to now in the 21stcentury. I believe it perfectly embodies the concept, mentality and awareness to a huge problem that our world faces nowadays.

Ferreira de Sá can by working with ECONYL® deliver a high-quality and premium product that shows that Ferreira de Sá not only cares about the environment but takes a step further towards the solution.”– Fernanda Barbosa, Ferreira de Sá CEO