Embracing Sustainable Interior Design

Designers can influence up to 90% of a product’s environmental footprint. In this white paper, we examine how interior designers and architects can embrace sustainability and lessen their carbon impact by utilizing the principles of designing for deconstruction. 

The truth about interiors and any product: whether it happens in three years or 20, every design will eventually be torn down and redone. This process has too often sent loads of materials to the landfill. If we want design to have a positive impact on the environment, we must: 

  • Understand the current waste problem in design
  • Learn the principles of designing for deconstruction 
  • Collaboration across key players
  • Embrace designing with the end in mind

A more sustainable future is within our grasp. It’s time to be mindful of our materials – and capture it. Download Embracing Sustainable Interior Design to learn how your design decisions make an impact.

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