Desso is a Dutch carpet manufacturer who decided to re-engineer carpet tiles to make them more easily recyclable at the end of their life. It’s called engineering for remanufacturing or for disassembly, and we like this concept because our ECONYL® yarn is regenerated and infinitely regenerable, so we are always looking to collaborate with brands willing to re-engineer their products in a way that makes the recovery of the fiber easier and more sustainable and keeps materials in the production cycle. The name of the collection is Desso Air Master® with recycled EcoBase® backing, and all products in this range are certified Cradle to Cradle® Silver. The upper part is ECONYL® yarn while the EcoBase® backing, which is 100% recyclable, contains recycled, re-engineered calcium carbonate (chalk) from local drinking water companies. The two parts are designed in a way that makes very easy to separate them for recycling.