Human Fascination is the latest addition to the DESSO Carpetecture® family, celebrating nature’s diversity as well as its fragility. From the prodigious panorama of a rugged coastline to a plant seen from the perspective of the smallest insect, these carpet tiles feature an abstract design that hint at the landscapes we so admire.

Echoing the shapes and colours of the natural world, the carpet tiles are produced with the beauty and vulnerability of our planet in mind. Because as much as we’re fascinated by these landscapes, we also feel an urgent need to protect them. If we want to continue to be inspired by these vistas, we must find a way to work with nature without hurting it. A way to take, but also give back, and give back more than we take.

At Tarkett, design philosophy is inspired by the circular economy, and they create flooring with healthy materials that can be recovered, recycled, and transformed into new products. All DESSO Human Fascination carpet tiles are produced with respect for the environment and help you create a healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly interior.

Their commitment to health and wellbeing sits at the heart of their overall sustainability approach, “Doing Good. Together.” With a focus on three key areas – Designing for Life, Closing the Loop, and Driving Collaboration- they work to preserve natural resources, improve people’s lives and contribute to a healthier planet together.

In keeping with that sustainability commitment and wish to protect our beautiful planet, the Arable, Breccia, Granite and Flores carpet tiles in the DESSO Human Fascination collection contains 100% ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon yarn, made from recovered waste materials such as discarded fishing nets and carpet yarn.

DESSO® Arable

The design for the DESSO Arable carpet tile collection is grounded in this ancient wisdom as well. Taking centuries-old field lines and sunscorched agricultural landscapes as inspiration, the Arable carpet tiles remind us of that place where natural landscapes meet human intervention, the fields where every grove and footstep tells a story.

DESSO® Breccia

Combining the strength and durability of real marble with the shapes and patterns of rocks shaped by the sea, the DESSO Breccia carpet tile collection makes for a fresh, revitalising welcome in any interior.
The subtle veining found in marbles and minerals are reflected in an energising colour palette of seven shades, from blue-grey to green and metallic yarn, evoking that sense of fresh salty air and a crisp but healthy sea breeze.

DESSO® Flores

The DESSO Flores carpet tile collection finds its origins in the varied and plentiful plant world. Six multicoloured carpet tiles capture the rich diversity of the planet’s flora, combining muted tones and expressive, bright hues to bring life and energy into your indoor space. The three-dimensional patterns reflect the joys of spring with a carefully crafted palette of vibrant colours. They say Mother Nature is the best designer and we can’t help but agree.

DESSO® Granite

Invite the thrill of the untamed landscape into your interiors with the DESSO Granite carpet tile collection. A muted, earthy palette meets rich, spiced tones, the three-dimensional appearance giving the carpet tiles a wild streak. The raw, unpredictable textures of the volcanic earth drive the 18 colourways that mark these carpet tiles, building on the strength of our ancient earth to resemble a terrain of brave, unplanned nature. Combine fiery reds and subtle greys, soft yellows and fierce orange for a vibrant indoor environment.