The two main items that people use in their environment, work or home, are geometric elements such as the rectangle or circle which can be found in the forms of rooms, furniture, windows, lightning etc. and natural elements such as f.e. the natural and unique design of marble, slate or bark, the surface of water, when sunlight is reflected.
Nature and geometry are the inspiration for Betap’s five random collections.

Also the colors are adapted from artificial and natural examples, hues of grey, anthracite, beige, brown and blue build their collections. Bringing nature design and color wise in interiors does influence the well-being of people. These colors please the eye and people feel comfortable and safe with them, reminding them of the outside (woods, sea, beach etc.).

The collections come in tile or plank format, they can be used per design and color creating a random broadloom look, but also as design by tile using different colors from the same design or different designs in the same color or both. You can emphasize certain areas with them.
Zooning is a big item in interior design these days and the modularity of their collections offers uncountable options!