During the GreenTec Awards in Berlin ECONYL® had also a little exhibition area that was crowded with people that wanted to have the ECONYL® socks and a picture with them. Only for this event we created a very special pair of socks, made with ECONYL® yarn, in brand color and with the infinite symbol on them. There was also a hand tag explaining the story behind the brand and the ECONYL® Regeneration Process. We invited people to take a picture at our stand with the ECONYL® socks and the idea was a success! People started playing around with the socks in a funny way and really enjoyed the activity. The initiative was such an achievement that a cue was standing on the side of our stand waiting for the picture and at the end of the night we had printed more than 100 pictures! Not only ordinary guests were there taking pictures but also artists, television people, VIP, soccer stars, the winners of the GreenTec Award prizes and also the two inventors of these wonderful event. Besides the fun, people were very interested in the concept behind. They asked about the ECONYL® Regeneration System, the turtle (that was on the panel of our area), the socks, the fishing nets and were very impressed with the ECONYL® story.