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ECONYL® 再生尼龙

不产生废弃物    不耗费新资源     只有无限可能


With ECONYL® yarn MAMMUT gives climbing ropes a new life

MAMMUT and the climate NGO Protect Our Winters Switzerl […]


Buy your sustainable jacket and backpack through the brand new ECONYL® platform

Due to the pandemic situation, this year we all have mo […]

Webinar “Getting Interiors to Net Zero” Metropolis ECONYL®

Webinar “Getting Interiors to Net Zero” live June 17th, 2021

Interior design is a new frontier for lowering carbon e […]

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IG-LIVE 14th June

Live on Monday, The world of recycling explained: How consumers can do their part

Are you confused about recycling? A 2018 study found th […]

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Healthy Seas Surface net © Gijs Doornbusch
How to Shop Local, Ethical and Organic on a Budget

How to Shop Local, Ethical and Organic on a Budget

It’s long been a conundrum of mine and likely many othe […]

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ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon 10 years

ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon celebrates a decade of endless possibilities

19TH MAY 2021: Today, ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon celebra […]

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