Snow, Sports and Sustainability

While athletes will be going for gold, Beijing 2022 is going for green. It’s that time again, where every four years we are stunned by the finesse of figure skaters, in awe of ski jumpers and thrilled by the sheer speed of the luge. Beijing 2022 Olympics (4th-20th February) and Paralympics (4th-13th March) aim to be ‘the greenest and cleanest ever’ by becoming the first Olympic Games to run all venues on 100% renewable energy. Can this ethos trigger an eco-avalanche?

China wishes to engage 300 million people in the country alone to take up a winter sport (IOC, 2020), and likely many more worldwide, but how we all go about this is critical. Winter adventure offers a unique chance for many to feel connected to and a part of nature. Feel like trying something new as well as sustainable? The seemingly abstract biathlon of cross-country skiing and shooting might be just what you’re looking for. Why not try mountaineering or winter walking locally, instead of taking the ski lift? This would save money on a lift pass and fuel to carry you up the mountain or even an international flight. You may just need a few more après pitstops! Our actions both on and off the mountain are key – from how we travel, to what we wear.

Winter sports often require specialist kits and unfortunately, that can quickly mean overconsumption of niche pieces that are more difficult to pass on or recycle. It is estimated that 75% of clothing donated to a charity shop does not make it to a second home, and this percentage is even higher for specialized sports pieces such as skiwear. Shopping second-hand can be a brilliant way to save money whilst giving another life to an item almost destined for landfill. To avoid so much being discarded in the first place, we need to start by buying less and more consciously. Pioneering change in this space are garments and products that are made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon, by turning trash into treasure. They both look good and do good by sourcing their nylon from waste, such as fishing nets and old carpets, that would otherwise pollute the earth.

Check out some top picks made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon, for a head-to-toe sustainable and stylish, snowy get-up:

Made in Italy by HeySport, this piece will keep help you embrace the cold and keep you comfy and snug all at the same time. The eco design means that sustainability has been at the forefront of this piece’s creation from birth. A standout unisex snow outfit, what’s not to love?

Look no further for the perfect winter sports shoe. Also unisex and with that all important ankle protection, this Garmont shoe will keep your feet both dry and looking great on all your adventures.

Protect your eyes from snow glare with glasses from Karün. They are a B-Corp, meaning that they have provided a positive impact on the environment, workers, community and you, the customer. Also, a Healthy Seas member, helping prevent and collect part of the waste ECONYL® is made of. Perfect for the mountain and the city, you don’t even need to take them off.


Shop here for more winter sporting pieces that are a win-win for you and for the planet.

The Winter Olympics and Paralympics offer an exceptional opportunity to see the magic happen, humankind doing almost unbelievable things. Beijing 2022 will showcase the best whilst inspiring the rest. Braving the cold whilst bearing sustainability in mind may seem almost as challenging as throwing yourself off a ski jump, but thankfully several brands have done some of the hard work for us and ECONYL® pieces are the perfect place to start.




Author: Rose Ellis