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Buy your sustainable jacket and backpack through the brand new ECONYL® platform

Due to the pandemic situation, this year we all have more time to think about our things, our business, what we have done until now, and how we did it. We also have the time to think more about our future, and where we’d like to be in 2 or even 5 years’ time. And […]

Mammut ECONYL® rope

With ECONYL® yarn MAMMUT gives climbing ropes a new life

MAMMUT and the climate NGO Protect Our Winters Switzerland (POW) successfully completed the joint pilot project «Close the Loop». Together they gave climbing ropes a new life. The result: 1’000 t-shirts made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon and a significantly smaller CO2 footprint during production. In fact, MAMMUT aims to reduce the carbon footprint of their […]


Circular Economy Explained: What does it mean and how do we close the loop?

A healthier, more circular economy depends on each and every one of us. In nature there are no straight lines but as humans we have conceived the idea of linear for the purposes of simplifying our understanding of the world. If we can learn anything from nature, it’s that she knows best and that the […]

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New year Resolutions

6 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Help You Help the Planet

It’s finally here: 2021. The New Year can be a good time for both reflection and looking forward with a new found clarity. We are currently in the midst of ecological, climate and societal crises, having a devastating impact on our wildlife, health and security. And yet, at the helm of the Earth’s future, is […]

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Recycling: where do our clothes go after we toss them?

When people go to their closets for a monthly or annual clear-out the choice is usually: keep, donate, or throw away. But among these choices, we only really know what happens to the clothes if we choose option A, keep. When we donate our clothes or ‘toss’ them, the rest of the clothing lifespan remains […]

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