Lyon, 8 July 2016 – Carvico and Jersey Lomellina, world-leading textile companies in the swimwear, sportswear and underwear sectors, are attending Interfiliere, the industry’s flagship international fair, from 9 to 11 July.

With their eye-catching, visionary stand, the two firms are aiming to raise awareness in the sport and fashion swimwear worlds about an environmentally sustainable approach exploiting 100% sustainable fabrics. The key ingredient is ECONYL® yarn, produced by Aquafil SpA through an exclusive regeneration process that begins with pre- and post-consumer waste, such as fishing nets abandoned in the oceans, parts of end-of-life rugs and carpets, and other waste that would otherwise just go to landfill.

Carvico and Jersey Lomellina will be showing their wide range of sustainable high-performance fabrics featuring elegant design and vivid colours. But that’s not all. A special hands-on sensory journey will take visitors inside the production process to explore the circular economy’s extraordinary potential step by step.

The partnership among Carvico, Jersey Lomellina and Aquafil is hallmarked by a strong focus on sustainability developed by working together over many years through a shared commitment to the Healthy Seas project. This initiative recovers fishing nets that have reached the end of their life or been abandoned on the seabed and regenerates their materials.


Carvico has been producing fabrics for swimwear, sportswear, underwear and outerwear for over 50 years. This proudly Italian, globally active company is renowned for the quality and innovation that go into its 100% Italian-made products. Carvico’s deep-rooted respect for people and commitment to the environment is reflected in its socially responsible way of doing business, making products, using energy, and organising its supply chain.

Jersey Lomellina

Founded in 1977, Jersey Lomellina is an Italian firm specialising in high-tech fabrics for swimwear, sportswear, underwear and outerwear, operating in Italy and throughout the world.

A go-to supplier for clients who demand quality and Italian style, Jersey Lomellina has always worked to protect the environment, in the firm belief that sustainable production is not an option but a duty. Which is why it selects top-quality sustainable raw materials to make its high-performance products.


Aquafil has been one of the most important producers of synthetic fibres – especially polyamide 6 – in Italy and worldwide since 1969.

Aquafil Group operates in eight countries on three continents, employing over 2700 people across 16 factories in Italy, Germany, Scotland, Slovenia, Croatia, the USA, Thailand and China.

The ECONYL® brand

Made by regenerating the nylon in pre- and post-consumer waste, ECONYL® yarn by Aquafil SpA is used in a wide range of textile products, from sportswear to swimsuits and textile floor coverings. It contributes to reducing the amount of waste dumped in landfill or, even worse, in the sea.

Aquafil launched the ECONYL® Regeneration System in 2007. Within just four years, this sustainability venture has been recognised as the most efficient industrial system in the world for producing nylon 6.