On April 30th, Healthy Seas and ECONYL®  met with students at the A.Volta middle school in Ancona, Italy to explain how the Healthy Seas initiative works and to talk about the collaboration with local fishermen at Ancona Harbor and DeFishGear.

We demonstrated to the kids what is Healthy Seas and why it is important to recover marine waste and ghostnets to prevent the death of innocent  marine animals.

Maria Giovanna Sandrini from Aquafil was there to explain the project and describe how the ECONYL® Reclaiming Program and Regeneration System works. Simone Cecchettini of DefishGear described the Healthy Seas partnership with the fishing community of Ancona while Matteo Giantomassi of ATA Ancona explained the importance of recycling waste and how to get involved.

Children were guided through a presentation by Nylla the turtle, the character of the mobile game Aquafil created to explain to the younger generation the regeneration process. The game is available for free download in the Apple Store.

Similar projects are scheduled to be held near Den Oever Harbor in the Netherlands where the first and largest Healthy Seas collection point was established.

The presentation is online in Italian.