An Old-World Art Piece Finds a New Beginning

When local craftsmanship and sustainable design weave new opportunities, reimagined.

Sustainability is about making the right choices. Sometimes it means tradeoffs, other times it means challenging the way things are done. But it’s always a deliberate decision to do the right thing for the planet, and its people.

At Aquafil, we take this to heart. For us, sustainability means creating with the end in mind. It’s a steadfast commitment to use, reuse, recycle, recreate, and – most importantly – reimagine ways to push the boundaries of conventionalism.

On Oct 16th, 2022, this opportunity came to us. We partnered with ArtVerona, a landmark event for Italian art, and artist Stefano Arienti to debut a 500 sq. meter carpet masterpiece made entirely with regenerated nylon coming from pre- and post-consumer waste.

The broadloom carpet depicts a colossal, ancient map of Europe dating back to the Roman Empire. The rich, neutral colors trace territorial borders in the form of “stepping stones” to what would later become the continent today. “A pinch of Roman heritage has remained in the culture and geography of contemporary Europe,” explains the artist as the event wraps up.

But what will happen to this one-of-a-kind artwork once the visitors are long gone? Will the carpet be tossed aside once it has fulfilled its purpose?

Not on our watch. For Aquafil, waste is treasure. Through the ECONYL® regeneration system, waste is transformed into a new ingredient to create more sustainable products – from bags and shoes to fashion and home décor – including collectable rugs.

Thus, we present to you a piece of art that will last forever. The broadloom ArtVerona carpet has now been repurposed into custom-tailored pieces, in various sizes, available for purchase on the ECONYL® e-shop. This exclusive capsule collection will elevate your living space, bringing fine craftsmanship and responsible design into your beautiful home – one where the end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end.