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Mammut ECONYL® rope
10 Dic 2020

Con il processo di rigenerazione ECONYL® MAMMUT dà nuova vita alle corde da arrampicata

MAMMUT e l’ONG Protect Our Winters Switzerland (POW) hanno concluso con successo il progetto pilota «Close the Loop». Insieme danno nuova vita alle corde da arrampicata. Il risultato: 1000 magliette fatte con filo ECONYL® e una significativa riduzione delle emissioni di CO2. In quanto firmataria di UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, MAMMUT si […]

23 Dic 2020

Acquista la tua giacca e il tuo zaino sostenibili sulla nuova piattaforma ECONYL®

A causa dell’attuale situazione pandemica, quest’anno abbiamo tutti più tempo per pensare a noi, al nostro lavoro, a ciò che abbiamo fatto fino ad ora e a come lo abbiamo fatto. Abbiamo anche il tempo per pensare di più al nostro futuro e a dove vorremmo essere tra 2 o anche 5 anni. E noi, […]

Eco Design ECONYL®
21 Giu 2021

A Guide to Eco-Design

Design plays a hugely dominant role in our lives. From the clothes you are wearing to the device you are reading this on, and the website that hosts it, everything that surrounds us and that we consume, be it product, service or system has been designed by someone.   Considering that 80% of the ecological […]

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Webinar "Getting interiors to net Zero"
14 Giu 2021

Webinar “Getting Interiors to Net Zero” live June 17th, 2021

Interior design is a new frontier for lowering carbon emissions. Multiple renovations and fit-outs over the life of a building can rack up a heavy carbon footprint, so interior designers must turn to a host of strategies to address that while also creating healthy and beautiful spaces. What will it take for us to get […]

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IG live ECONYL® 14 June 2021
10 Giu 2021

Live on Monday, The world of recycling explained: How consumers can do their part

Are you confused about recycling? A 2018 study found that 56% of people in the UK are still unsure about what can and can’t be recycled. There’s also a lot of myths around recycling, recent scandals of recycling being incinerated or shipped to far away places to be dumped have reduced public faith in the […]

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Healthy Seas Ghost Diving © Gijs Doornbusch
07 Giu 2021

World Oceans Day: What role does the ocean play in the world’s climate and why is it important to look after it?

The ocean covers 70% of the earth’s surface and has a far bigger impact on our lives than we may initially consider. Its health is intrinsically linked to the overall health of both our planet and species. Having long been considered as one of our most important natural resources, the world’s ocean plays a vital […]

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