Are you confused about recycling? A 2018 study found that 56% of people in the UK are still unsure about what can and can’t be recycled.

There’s also a lot of myths around recycling, recent scandals of recycling being incinerated or shipped to far away places to be dumped have reduced public faith in the system. But circularity is an important part of protecting our planet and making sure materials we can use again don’t end up in landfill, so how can we make recycling as easy for people as possible?

As part of a new ECONYL® in conversation series, the upcoming Instagram live with Anna Sacks, better known as the Trash Walker, committed to diverting waste from landfill and Sarah Divall from the environmental charity Hubbub, are going to get to the bottom of the world of recycling and what you can do at home to make a difference.

If you can’t wait until then here are Sarah Divall’s top tips to recycle like a pro:

  • Give everything a rinse, recycling that is too contaminated can be difficult to process or get turned away. Washing away food residue will make it as easy as possible for the people sorting it on the other end.
  • Make sure to save bathroom products like shampoo bottles and beauty products which tend to end up in bathroom bins and check if they can be recycled.
  • Plastic film (like the kind on the top of strawberry packet) can’t currently be recycled in curbside collection, put this plastic in the normal bin for now or check if your local supermarket has a drop off point!

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