Which sustainable consumer are you?

By discovering your consumer persona, you'll be able to map out your way to a more sustainable future.

Ask individuals if they value making eco-friendly purchases, and an overwhelming majority will respond with a resounding yes. McKinsey & Company has revealed that a striking 78% of respondents in a survey consider embracing a sustainable lifestyle to be of utmost importance.[1] On the flip side, however, certain businesses encounter challenges in generating demand for their ESG products. This suggests that the supply sometimes doesn’t quite align with the genuine needs of customers, and not everyone who claims to be sustainable truly lives up to that claim.


Empowering the Consumer

Consumer spending drives economic growth, but increased spending can lead to environmental damage. Businesses and customers must prioritize protecting the planet while promoting economic advancement, demonstrating a moral duty.

To reach this goal, we must first understand the different types of sustainable consumer personas that exist. These six profiles are marked by varying degrees of sustainability consciousness, providing a compass for everyone to navigate their role in shaping a more sustainable future. Ready to find out which sustainable consumer you are?

Discover your sustainable persona[2]

Not all consumers possess a full grasp of the significance of leading a sustainable lifestyle Environmental consciousness forms just one of the three primary drivers, intertwined with social consciousness and economic mindfulness. Together, they give rise to the quintessential sustainable consumer profile—a truly elusive achievement. These metrics serve as a framework to categorize the diverse orientations of the six profiles you’re about to uncover.


1. Financially Carefree Consumers: If you find yourself in this consumer category, sustainability might not be your foremost concern. Debt doesn’t weigh heavily on your mind. While your ecological and social concerns are middling, an interesting nuance emerges when it comes to clothing. Sustainability, though not dominant, exerts a subtle influence on your choices.


2. Non-Simplifiers: Embracing a simple lifestyle isn’t your primary focus; within the spectrum, you rank lowest in this category. If you fall into the „non-simplifier“ group, your clothing expenses outpace the average, yet your adoption of sustainable goods remains the lowest across all six profiles.


3. Financially Conscious Simplifiers: On the flip side, this category strives to avoid financial encumbrances. While your fiscal inclinations align with sustainability, environmental and collaborative consumption concerns take a back seat. Spending on organic and fair-trade clothing ranks at its lowest within this group.


4. Socially Mindful Financial Simplifiers: If you identify with this group, your consciousness extends to both social and economic dimensions. When it comes to fast-moving consumer goods, your spending registers as average, yet your clothing expenses are notably higher. Driven by your robust social consciousness, you demonstrate a penchant for sustainable fashion products.


5. Sustainable, Non-Collaborative Consumers: Occupying this profile denotes a strong commitment to sustainable consumption, even while excluding collaborative approaches. Unlike Profile 4, your shopping habits include more fast-moving goods and fewer clothes.


6. Wholeheartedly Sustainable Consumers: This profile notches the highest sustainability score among the six groups. Your values align with benevolence and universalism. You allocate the most funds to green products. In terms of overall expenditure, you fall below the average mark. Within the fashion realm, you opt for fewer and more sustainable clothing purchases.

Unraveling Your Identity for Daily Enhancement

A smoother journey towards becoming a more conscientious and sustainable consumer is possible by understanding your stance on environmental matters. By establishing a well-defined objective and steadfast determination, you can shape yourself into a distinct consumer. The first stride is already taken—you’re aware. In this article, we explore actionable steps to set you on your sustainable trajectory.


And you, which sustainable consumer are you?

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Author: Giuseppe Scandariato