3 Tips to Avoid the “Trend Mania” Fashion Culture

Use your taste and interests as roots to not be carried away by the fast fashion wave of micro-trends.

Fashion trends have always served as a reflection of our society, capturing not only the fashion industry’s innovations but also the shifting moods and dynamics among people and consumers. With a blend of top-down and bottom-up influences, trends ignite excitement and captivate attention, often inspired by the ever-evolving realm of pop culture.


Trends over stamina

The landscape of trends, however, has undergone a transformation. The fast fashion industry, notorious for generating a staggering 92 million metric tons of textile waste annually,[1] has intensified the trend frenzy. By creating shorter and more fleeting tendencies, their aim is to sustain heightened buyer attention. The trend cycle has become faster than ever before, with fast fashion brands churning out 52 “micro-seasons” per year,[2] essentially transforming trends into micro-trends.

This relentless pursuit of constant novelty has resulted in overproduction, massive waste, and a relentless race to set the next trend. Amidst this chaos, customers are left with limited time to discover their true preferences and make informed choices. From a psychological point of view, the pressure to conform and keep up with fleeting trends, amplified by an internet culture obsessed with fleeting aesthetics, has taken a toll.[3]

To counter this phenomenon, customers must reclaim their agency and view fashion as a means of self-expression rather than succumbing to the bandwagon of fast fashion’s micro-trends. Here are three empowering ideas to kickstart your journey.


Rediscover your personal style

To rediscover the personal value of fashion, delve into your own preferences and style. Reverse the approach to clothes and accessories, prioritizing your body, preferences, and taste. Resist the effects of trend mania by shifting your mindset. While social media offers a nice showcase for new ideas, strive for more mindful and conscious research. Be the one finding the perfect clothes, instead of letting them find you.

Elevate your fashion consciousness

Another valuable suggestion is to gravitate towards brands that embody consistency in their vision, values, and style. Such brands often eschew the micro-trend movement, instead investing time and effort into crafting new items that align with their brand philosophy. Where possible, consider combining this ethical approach with a commitment to environmental consciousness. Opt for brands that proactively undertake pragmatic and meaningful actions to reverse the trend of fast fashion.


The 20-year rule of fashion

Within the fashion industry, an unwritten rule persists: every 20 years, styles have a tendency to resurface.[4] Harnessing this cyclical nature of the market, consider embarking on a journey to rediscover vintage and thrift shops, where pre-owned treasures await. The likelihood of stumbling upon a gem from yesteryears that remains in vogue today is remarkably high. By embracing this approach, not only do you contribute to environmental sustainability by giving new life to existing garments, but you also embrace a more budget-friendly mindset. With each vintage find, you effortlessly intertwine style, environmental consciousness, and frugality.


Rooted resilience: Defying fashion’s currents

Challenging the relentless pace of the fashion industry is no small feat. The frenzy of trend mania is a natural consequence of the fast-paced mentality and the prevailing tendency of overproduction. Yet, there is a way to reclaim the central role we, as customers and individuals, rightfully deserve. It begins by prioritizing our inner interests and seeking new paths that resist being carried away by the current.

Embrace these three transformative suggestions as your first step toward a fashion realm where the only trend worth following is your personal evolution.



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Author: Giuseppe Scandariato