3 Eco-Friendly and Ethical Jewelers You’ll Fall in Love With

From sustainable sourcing to community building, these jewelry brands offer stylish, timeless pieces and a clear conscience.

Like most of the luxury fashion world, this industry is denominated, shaped, and critically impacted by legacy players. But when this is not the case – as when rare stones come from small, artisanal producers – the situation is even murkier.

For example, in Burkina Faso, gold has now become the country’s main export. However, with the rise of artisanal mines, violent attacks by non-state armed groups have also increased. Roughly 2,000 small quarries – worth $34 million annually – are estimated to be controlled by illegal trade.[1]

Thus, for all the conscious shoppers out there, we’ve looked into three eco-friendly and ethical jewelers you can rely on.



“Fine jewelry for my damn self” – the brand’s mantra – offers sustainable and ethical pieces fit for everyday wear. Mejuri takes a detailed look at the entire ecosystem of precious metals and gemstones: from sourcing and manufacturing to retail and packaging.

Up to 80% of its collections use certified recycled gold, while the remaining 20% is sourced from traceable, responsible mines. The brand also uses Kimberley Process-compliant diamonds, which ensures the gems do not come from high-risk areas, nor do they fuel armed conflicts.

In terms of supply chain, Mejuri carefully selects partnerships with RJC-certified (Responsible Jewellery Council) suppliers, meaning they are required to abide by health and safety, human rights, fair labor, governance, and environmental protection regulations. (Side note, critics acknowledge that the RJC itself is not enough to move the industry forward, but it’s a step in the right direction).[2]

The brand offers worldwide shipping with prices from USD 30 for single studs to USD 4,400 for a diamond necklace. Shop their latest Heart collection here!

Woman wearing ethical jewelry


B-Corp-certified and female-led, this brand offers fair trade jewelry by leveraging technology to connect marginalized Kenyan artists directly to global markets.

Often limited to local sales, millions of talented jewelers are often confined in micro-economies, failing to earn enough to support themselves and their families. SOKO’s platform uses mobile phones to link independent artisans to the brand’s team and global customers, providing access, tools, and resources to help them scale up. In fact, SOKO jewelers earn five times more than the average workshop in Kenya.

Inspired by architecture and tribal designs, each SOKO collection includes an exquisite range of timeless luxury pieces, paying tribute to its origins. The pieces range from USD 78 ear cuffs to USD 100 stackable necklaces, offering worldwide shipping.



With 100% of its collections sourced from recycled gold, the brand rocks a clear conscience. Born and bred in NYC, the pieces come with style and flair, allowing you to customize pieces without sacrificing quality. Each design is cast and plated by seventh-generation craftspeople in NYC, and undergoes a rigorous 5-step process by AUrate teams to ensure perfection down to the last shine.

Ethically sourced, the brand works with conflict-free diamonds that adhere to the Kimberley Process, while sourcing pearls and gemstones from family-run establishments in countries like India to support local communities. AUrate’s fine jewelry ranges from USD 155 chain necklaces to USD 10,000 diamond rings, always offering global shipping.


While more progress must be made to achieve a greener jewelry industry, already much has been done, which you, as a conscious consumer, can pivot on today to discern your jewel’s provenance, and sustainability.



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Author: Naomy Gmyrek