Two years ago Kelly Slater, eleven-time World Surf League champion, and his team of Outerknown visited our ECONYL® facility to discover more about the process that allows us to regenerate Nylon waste into ECONYL® yarn now used in their ‚Evolution Series’ Jackets and Trunks.

The team was excited to discover the whole process starting in Ajdovščina where big amounts of nets, fluff (the upper part of spent carpets) and other Nylon waste material arrive every day from all over the world. This material is then treated to be sent to our Regeneration Plant in Ljubljana where the actual regeneration happens and the waste is transformed back into raw material for new Nylon yarn.

Now the video is available on Outerknown’s You Tube channel with the title: “What are we wearing & where is it coming from?”.

Hope you enjoy it!