Beyond the Buzzwords: How to Communicate Sustainability

Captivate your audience and

create a lasting impact towards

a greener, brighter future.


Are you struggling to effectively communicate your sustainable brand to your audience? In today’s world, where “going green” has become a popular trend, businesses in the design industry are striving to embrace sustainability. Amidst the proliferation of eco-friendly claims, however, it has become evident that not all companies are equally committed to the cause. To truly connect with consumers and build trust, businesses must go beyond superficial green marketing tactics and adopt a more comprehensive and authentic approach to sustainability.


But winning over consumers is no easy task. A trust crisis looms over sustainability claims. Almost 50% of all consumers either don’t know what to trust or state that no business claims on climate change issues can influence how much they trust businesses’ commitments to sustainability. To overcome this challenge, companies must revamp their sustainability marketing and communication strategies, learn how to steer away from greenwashing and embrace transparency, credibility, and meaningful sustainability practices. By fostering genuine relationships with customers, businesses can forge a stronger connection and make a lasting impact.


Speaker: Nicolò Andreula, Economist & Expert in strategy, storytelling, and sustainability


Date: June 29th, 2023


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