25 May 2015

Medium: Sustainable business is profitable business

“How can businesses apply their knowledge to reduce their impact on the environment? And why would they even embark on such a complex and long-term process?” An article talking about why Aquafil decided to jump right into the challanges posed by the environment and by our changing society and how its example could be of inspiration for others busineses. […]

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19 May 2015

HealthySeas on Earthrise/AlJazeera

Earthrise called it “Fish Net Fashion” and is a great 10 minutes reportage on Healthy Seas and the journey from marine waste to wear. The whole journey from the recovery of fishing nets to the regeneration and to final products is explained in a very clear and visual way, also with the help of an animation for the chemical process of […]

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06 May 2015

Healthy Seas and ECONYL® go to school in Ancona

On April 30th, Healthy Seas and ECONYL®  met with students at the A.Volta middle school in Ancona, Italy to explain how the Healthy Seas initiative works and to talk about the collaboration with local fishermen at Ancona Harbor and DeFishGear. We demonstrated to the kids what is Healthy Seas and why it is important to recover marine waste […]

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30 Apr 2015

A journey from waste to wear with Earthrise

The Earthrise TV crew visited the Aquafil facilities last week to film a feature on Healthy Seas. The segment  will air at the end of May on Al Jazeera International. The  Earthrise team spent three days traveling to Croatia and Slovenia to document the story of this initiative. The trip began with a diving expedition in Croatian waters […]

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14 Apr 2015

The bright side of waste

In this TEDx conference Giulio Bonazzi, President of Aquafil, starts from his very personal experience to tell the story of how the initial idea of ECONYL® regenerated yarn came to life. It has been a long journey but the story is fascinating and inspiring to point out how important it is to be brave and bold when […]

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26 Mar 2015

Healing the Seas… And Our Diet, Too

After a Medium article featuring Aquafil president Giulio Bonazzi and another featuring NTF director Fabrizio Calenti, a new article is now available highlighting the Healthy Seas initiative. The article addresses topics such as how Healthy Seas was created, why its work is important for the environment and the results obtained in the first few years of operation. Here to read the […]

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20 Mar 2015

Crowdfunding of Healthy Seas in the Netherlands

Last week a crowdfunding campaign began to collect money for Healthy Seas activities in the Netherlands and Belgium. The campaign will be active only in the Netherlands for one month with different products available for sale to raise money. A grand prize visit to our ECONYL® plant in Slovenia is up for grabs so be sure to donate […]

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24 Feb 2015

Aquafil CEO to speak at TEDx Marrakesh

Society as a whole is beginning to see the bright side of today’s environmental challenges! Aquafil CEO Giulio Bonazzi agrees and continues to push forward towards a brighter future. Bonazzi will share his struggles and vision for the future at the 4th edition of TEDxMarrakesh on February 28, 2015. This year’s theme, “Always look on the bright side”, […]

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20 Feb 2015

The Challenge of Sustainability

The ECONYL® journey continues with Mr. Calenti’s first — and lasting — encounter with sustainability and circular economy, when “sustainability” and “circular economy” had not yet become buzzwords. Enjoy! The Challenge of Sustainability

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27 Jan 2015

Innovations and inspiration at DOMOTEX 2015

From January 17-20, 2015, the international carpeting and flooring community gathered in Hannover, Germany to display the newest industry trends and products at Domotex 2015 – the world’s flagship trade fair for carpets and floor covering. With more than 40,000 visitors from 100 different countries, Domotex performance had everything: “A highly attractive lineup of exhibitors and products, […]

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27 Jan 2015

We walk the talk of sustainability

Go behind the scenes of the ECONYL® project with Mr. Bonazzi, president of Aquafil, as he talks candidly and extensively about how ECONYL® was brought to life and the importance of actively pursuing sustainability goals. Enjoy! We Walk the Talk of Sustainability

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23 Jan 2015

ECONYL® included as alternate material for high street fashion in Guardian Sustainable Business

ECONYL® yarn was featured as one of the emerging new fibers built around closed loop processes by Guardian Sustainable Business. The article explains the logic of the regeneration behind the ECONYL® brand and the waste material used. Final brands such as H&M and Marks & Spencer are expressing great interest in these sustainable materials and […]

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