After many others projects, the ECONYL® vision comes to life once again in the creation of the ECONYL® showroom in the very heart of the Regeneration System: the ECONYL® Plant in Ljubljana.

The great story of ECONYL® products and the Regeneration System is displayed through panels, pictures and transparent cubes filled with post-consumer Nylon 6 waste. After discovering the story one step at a time, those who will visit the showroom, will also have the chance to touch and experience an endless variety of ECONYL® products that enrich our daily lives: swimwear, socks and carpets. The many world-class   labels that are working and will work with ECONYL® brand for the creation of sustainable final products, will be displayed in this showroom.

The carpet of the ECONYL® showroom is also an important piece of the story we are telling. It is indeed an Interface carpet from the Net-effect™collection, a collection of three textures in squares that, when placed side by side, describes the precise moment when the sea foams into the shore. Another visual element to remind our visitors the story of fishing nets recovered from the seas and regenerated into new products. Another way of bringing our vision to life and share it.