Aquafil has just signed to join “Circular Economy 100” bringing the expertise and experience of the ECONYL® Regeneration System  to this innovative hub of businesses.

Circular Economy 100 is “a global platform bringing together leading companies, emerging innovators and regions to accelerate the transition to a circular economy over a 1000-day (3 year) period”.

The purposes are:

  • Creating a mechanism for collective problem solving
  • Building a library of best practice guidance to help businesses fast track success
  • Provide a scalable mechanism for building circular economy capabilities within businesses

Here attached is a screen shot of Ellen Mc Arthurs newsletter announcing the joining of Aquafil with the ECONYL® Regeneration System.

Others important companies have already join the initiative. Among them there are: Desso, H&M, Nespresso, the Coca Cola Company, Unilever and IKEA.

We will start very shortly our collaboration and we will keep you updated!

Let’s rethink the future together!