On World Environmental Day, Gucci has launched its new ‘Gucci Equilibrium,’ an initiative and a website to explain their 10-year plan strategy that promises to “balance its creation and marketing of high-end fashion with a radical sustainability agenda.”

The website has different sections that talk about raw materials, Gucci’s environmental performance, waste management and circular economy.

Inside the page dedicated to synthetic fibers used by Gucci, our ECONYL® regenerated nylon is included.

“Gucci was also the first luxury brand to use ECONYL® recycled nylon in ready-wear pieces, a 100% recycled nylon derived from fishing nets, textile waste and a thick pile fabric used for carpets and upholstery”.

The collaboration between Aquafil and Gucci was already announced at the end of last year.

Aquafil’s CEO Giulio Bonazzi at that time stated “Gucci is at the forefront of sustainable good practices, and the high quality of ECONYL® is able to replace the traditional material in Gucci’s luxury fabrics without any compromise in quality. Gucci would never accept something below its superior standards.”

ECONYL® fibers offer endless design possibilities because they perform exactly the same as virgin nylon turning a waste problem into fashion and interiors solutions.