Aquafil is proud to announce that its ECONYL® 100% Regenerated Nylon fiber is the sustainable material chosen by BMW for producing the interior mats of their innovative and visionary electric vehicle BMW i3.

The principle behind BMW i perfectly matches with the vision behind the ECONYL® brand which is all about regeneration.

It’s about the regeneration of nylon waste into materials for new products. It’s about the regeneration of our environment.

It’s about the regeneration for life. It’s about time!

Imagine if you could turn old waste into something new and beautiful.

The ECONYL® brand does just this: we turn nylon waste into prime material for industrial manufacturing. Again and again.

The ECONYL® fiber is a 100% regenerated and regenerable yarn made from pre- and post-consumer Nylon 6 waste materials such as production discards, industrial plastic components, oligomers, fishing nets, fabrics and spent carpets.

In 2011, Aquafil has developed an innovative and sustainable closed loop manufacturing system (the ECONYL® Regeneration System) to produce regenerated Nylon 6 yarns from waste while preventing any downgrading in quality and performance.