Plastic pollution in our seas is depressing – but there are imaginative moves afoot to address the problem

by Lucy Siegle

I’ve been sceptical about the power of running shoes to affect global change. So naturally I had it in for UltraBoost Uncaged Parley, Adidas trainers that claim to make peace with the ocean. The shoe’s upper is created from plastic waste retrieved from a clean-up operation in the Maldives, and recycled polyester. But Adidas has committed to producing a million pairs of these ocean waste running shoes, and a swimwear line.

Meanwhile, Spanish clothing company Ecoalf works with 2,000 Spanish fishermen who collect 4-5kg of deep-sea plastic waste alongside their daily catch, to be spun into new yarn. And we can look forward to seeing the fabric Econyl on labels in the future (regenerated from fishing nets and second-hand carpets) in Italy, as it becomes mainstream.


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