LIVING CIRCULAR – Econyl, an infinitely recyclable nylon yarn

Aquafil produces recycled nylon 6 from waste and in particular from worn or abandoned fishing nets. The company has built an international collection network that allows it to infinitely regenerate this recyclable material.

In 2011, Aquafil, an Italian company specializing in polymer manufacture, decided to launch an ambitious project to recover and “regenerate” old nylon. The goal was to produce recycled nylon with the same characteristics and qualities as virgin nylon.


The result? Econyl, a textile fiber for use in sportswear, swimsuits and even floor coverings. Econyl has been adopted by several major brands in the fashion and interior design industries.
Opening its site in Trento in north-east Italy in 1969, Aquafil has now been producing nylon for fifty years. More specifically nylon 6, which is special because it can be depolymerized and re-polymerized without any loss of quality.


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