By Eric Brain

Gucci has taken a step towards sustainability with its latest look, delivering two sets of matching track jackets and pants in jacquard-printed ECONYL nylon.

Alessandro Michele is never one to shy away from looking to the past. As a result, these looks are reminiscent of the shellsuits that were popular throughout the 1980s and ’90s, with one appearing in orange and another in black. Although the pieces are separate — each jacket and pant offering is its own item — the two look perfect together when paired, presenting a bold look for the colder seasons ahead.

Gucci has crafted the pieces from ECONYL nylon. This sustainable material is made by sorting and cleaning waste materials to find the product’s original nylon fibers, which is then regenerated to produce material very similar to virgin nylon. From there, a textile yarn is produced, which is then spun into producing a new product. As ECONYL’s website states, “the goal is that once all products containing ECONYL are no longer useful to customers, they can go back into step one of the regeneration system.”


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