The designer has always eschewed leather, fur, and feathers in her collections. Now she is going even further. Will luxury fashion follow?


Consider your favorite T-shirt. Maybe it’s soft and worn, or fitted and new, or a recent pickup from a Kanye West or Taylor Swift tour. Whatever the style, chances are good the shirt contains polyester–a significant environmental pollutant that takes 200 years to degrade. If you don’t want the shirt to spend those years in a landfill, you could try passing it on for seven generations; maybe in two it would be fashionably retro.


Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, used Aquafil’s Econyl, a regenerated nylon made from abandoned fishing nets and other waste, in his fall 2017 men’s outerwear collection and recently announced that the company would ban fur beginning with its spring/summer 2018 collection.


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