By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Unlike say, dress hemlines or coat shapes, swimwear doesn’t change styles every season – or even every year – meaning whatever you buy for this year’s holiday should last for years to come. But at the same time, just as with other items in your wardrobe, you want your bathing suit to express something about who you are, right?

For example, are you a little bit creative, or quietly conservative? Love sports, or feel the beach is more a place to read a good book? Are you more likely to be hanging out on a nearly deserted beach in Africa, or at Nikki Beach Club in Ibiza? No matter what the situation or personality, we’ve found some highly talented and innovative designers who are creating some of the best Sustainable Swimwear Styles for every personality.

1. Sexy: Summer Love Swimwear

Californian Vanessa Rivers believes that going green can be pretty damn sexy. All her swimwear is made fromVITA, a sustainable techno-fabric with ECONYL®, a 100% recycled polyamide fibre that’s made from pre and post-consumer materials such as discarded fishing nets recovered by the Healthy Seas initiative. The result? Teeny weeny bikinis that could ‘catch’ just about any guy’s attention!

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