COLLECTIVELY – Hot mess – how junk from the sea is being remade as the new nylon

Fishnets aren’t just for stockings, you know. The next time you whip out your swimming togs to go for a dip in the pool, you might well be wearing elements of a discarded actual fishing net. Either that, or some carpet fluff. And other stuff dumped in the depths of our seas

Waste materials are finding a new life as ‘regenerative’ sportswear that won’t die. And they have a great story to tell. Through the Healthy Seas initiative, volunteer diving teams are combing shipwrecks out in the oceans to retrieve abandoned fishing nets. This is not just about cleaning up the seas and helping to protect marine life. The divers are gathering raw ingredients for a new type of sustainable fibre called Econyl. (Click here to see how it’s made.)

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