Eco Ideas to Cozy Up Your Home This Season

In an era of climate risk – and the rising energy crisis – we put together earth-friendly suggestions to warm up your living space for the cooler months ahead.

Winter is around the corner in the northern hemisphere. As we brace for dropping temperatures, it’s time to take stock of our household footprint. Globally, residential buildings are responsible for nearly 11% of energy-related emissions.[1] We use electricity for lighting, appliances, cooking, and heating – which makes up most of our monthly bills this time of the year. Here’s how to opt for more conscious solutions.


Enhance your home

Aside from bundling up and insulating doors and windows, experts recommend reevaluating your living quarters. Focus on areas where you spend the most time in, like the dining room, living room, or home office, and close the doors to unoccupied spaces. This helps create barriers to the outside cold while preventing heat loss from the rooms you’re in.

It’s also a good idea to work with the weather. During daylight hours, let the sun in by keeping your curtains or blinds open. On those seldom balmier days, swing open your doors and windows to allow the warm air to circulate.


Cozy up the eco way

Next, heat your bare floors by putting down rugs or carpets, which can retain up to 10% of the heat in a room, contributing to your savings and the environment.[2]

When shopping for area rugs, choose designs made with eco-friendly materials – think recovered waste and sustainably-harvested natural fibers. Rols, a 100-year-old Spanish brand, weaves sustainable bespoke carpets and rugs from recycled materials and wool. The rich textures, high performance, and buttery-soft carpets bring tradition and innovation into one holistic, sophisticated interior.

Bring in the warmth

As little savvy changes can go a long way, experts recommend rearranging your furniture to benefit from the room’s heat sources. “If your sofa is in front of your radiator, then it will absorb a high percentage of the heat being emitted from your radiator,” explains Moral Fibres, a guide to sustainable living. “This means you’ll have to run your heating for longer for your room to warm up.” Moving your sofa slightly away from a heat source will help circulate warm air quicker, thus reducing energy bills.


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Author: Naomy Gmyrek