3 Sustainable Trends to Decorate Your Home This Autumn

Spruce up your living space with eco-chic and classic designs to welcome the harvest season. “Fall is a time for coziness, for slowing down, and for reconnecting with friends and family,” explains Lauren Meichtry, founder of Elsie Home, a décor brand featuring sustainable products. To breathe new life into dusty corners, we’ve put together three innovative and green ideas to inspire your next home improvement project.

Welcome in the “living” walls

Vertical gardens are becoming a popular addition to environmentally conscious buildings and indoor spaces as they offer natural insulant and air purifier qualities. The first step is to decide which location to place the wall and adjust your choice of plants depending on the natural light and airflow of the home. Wallflowers and violas, for example, are ideal options for creating colorful walls, while ferns and shrubs are great alternatives for curating all-green spaces. Leafy varieties, such as Aglaonema and croton, often complement fall foliage and work well with brighter interiors. While the prayer plant and calathea are excellent choices for warmer, darker interiors. To help you get started, click here for more living wall inspiration.

Go “Grandmillennial”

By blending together traditional and modern elements, the “granny chic” or grandmillennial style celebrates a taste of nostalgia this autumn season. The trend combines the quality craftsmanship of antiquities with mainstream culture and affordable design, often repurposing and elevating secondhand furniture with a modern flair. The approach exudes warmth and comfort by choosing natural materials, such as wood or rattan paired with needlepoint embroidery. For ideas on how to incorporate this throwback aesthetic into your living space, browse here.

Get the best of both worlds with Japandi

This design style is a balance of Japanese rustic minimalism and Scandinavian functionality to inspire a feeling of simplicity and harmony. Characterized by muted color palettes, the Japandi approach draws on sustainability-based principles in architecture and natural handcrafted materials, such as unfinished wood or bamboo pieces. Browse through this home transformation to reimagine your living space as sanctuary of cultural fusion and natural tranquility.

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