The Wave-O collection of T-shirts made with ECONYL® yarn debuted last Wednesday, March 26 in Milan during an open day event for the press. The designer, Ondine de le Feld, was in attendance amongst fashion journalists and fashion bloggers, with ECONYL® brand hosting the event.

The current Wave-O collection consists of ten T-shirts, made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn and merino wool and with precious inserts in Swarovski crystals. The “Be More Eco” collection consists of brightly colored T-shirts with witty sayings such as, “BE COOL BE ECO,” and “PLASTIC LOVE,” and “I WEAR RECYCLED FABRIC,” etc. The T-shirts draw attention to the sustainability movement with their loud phrases referencing recycling and being more ecological.

During the open press day, journalists and bloggers could see the collection from Wave-O, speak with the designer and also see the ECONYL® process touching the materials and discovering the steps of the regeneration system. Two Plexiglas cubes with fishing nets and fluff (the upper part of carpets) were displayed to show the main post-consumer waste used to make ECONYL® yarn.  Along with this, also others cubes were displayed containing Pa6 polymers and a bobbin of ECONYL® yarn.

Overall, the event was a great success with many journalists in attendance, all very enthusiastic about the project and the values behind it and all positively impressed to see a sustainable ingredient used to create a fashionable and trendy final product.