BOND MORGAN released the new Mutatio collection.

The Mutatio collection brings adaptation into the consumers’ hands. Rucksack to Tote, Satchel to Handbag, all by a combining of strap and body adjustments on a bag that can be adapted for any age or gender.

BOND MORGAN innovates with carefully selected pieces ECONYL® regenerated nylon, used in their shell, lining, webbing, binding and tape. Complemented by plant-based leather made from pineapple leaf fibers and cactus.

The Mutatio collection, where all components are made of recycled or environmentally friendly materials are designed to decrease our carbon footprint along with sustainable and ethical practices that BOND MORGAN is committed to helping achieve.

Boasting a sleek, minimalist style, the Mutatio bag comes in three models: a complete plant-based leather option, green and jet-black ECONYL® regenerated nylon for a more contemporary look.

Through adjustments and variations of size, the bag can adapt to the consumer’s needs. Big enough to hold your laptop with all essentials on the move, or an oversized Tote can also be created by adding additional pieces from other bags.

The Mutatio bag is a collection for the future allowing you to mix and match to make your own customized bag for any occasion.

Made for the conscious consumer, the Mutatio collection points to a green market by only using materials that won’t harm our environment, for a circular fashion economy.