Repainted is an artisanal Italian brand that believes in sustainable fashion. That is why all their creations are handmade with love in Italy with the ECONYL® yarn, 100% regenerated from waste materials like fishing nets and old carpets. The core of their philosophy and the name Repainted reflects this re-use of material and also the re-use of the patterns based on designs from the Art-Noveau movement. All creations are unique in their style and production method.

The new collection features classics like the long dress and the playsuit, which together with the bikinis wear seamlessly from day to night. Our creations stand out in a variety of sophisticated cuts, which follow and define the silhouette, guaranteeing a perfect fit.

The patterns of the ss-2018 collection are inspired by the cities in Europe where the Art Noveau movement reached its most sophistic expression. The intricate and seducing motifs in the patterns are taken from windows, ceramics, tiles, and gates and are dedicated to excellent artistic centers: Vienna, Nancy, Valencia, Colonia, Vichy, and Taormina.

VIENNA: Vienna is the city where Art Nouveau found its most significant expression and realization, due to the Secessionist movement. The inscription on the Secession building embodies the spirit of the movement: “To every age its art, to every art its freedom.”

NANCY: The seat of ‘Ecole de Nancy,’ a gathering of artists using plants as their main inspiration, was the witness of a new dynamism in the field of decorative arts and became together with Paris, one of the most important places of Art Nouveau in France.

VALENCIA: At the beginning of the 20th century, Valencia went through an evolution that is known as the art movement Modernism; where a variety of buildings and constructions went from the architectural style Rationalism to a more romantic style. In this time, Valencia took over some characteristics of this movement, such as the use of iron, the ceramics and the glass as decorative materials with extraordinary patterns.

COLOGNE: German Art Nouveau is commonly known by its German name, Jugendstil. In German representation, we can find a variety of different methods, applied by the various individual artists and features the use of hard lines as well as sinuous curves. In Cologne, the graphic arts flourished in this period, thanks to new technologies of printing, particularly lithography which allowed the mass production of colored posters.

VICHY: Art Deco architecture, characterized by an enhanced purity of forms and lines, has left its sublime mark on Vichy with a new trend of geometric lines and shapes, bas-relief, and carvings. His famous thermal centers are decorated with paintings, mosaics, wrought-iron work and stained-glass windows with motifs inspired by fishes and water.

TAORMINA: A popular and fashionable destination for well over a century, Taormina has one incredible architectonic expression in his train station, still retains the original architectural lines in Sicilian Liberty style. The railing iron decorations create a charming decorations and sophisticated motifs.

The fabric made with ECONYL® yarn has an incredibly high resistance to chlorine, salt, and sunscreen, ensuring excellent protection from UV rays. Moreover, it does not lose elasticity over time, always maintaining the original shape.