OCIN want to inspire a global openness amongst the curious, the creative, and the conscious. They exist to connect human beings to their most open and free selves to positively impact our communities, our earth and our oceans.

To them the ocean itself is a symbol of freedom and a place that allows us to physically remove ourselves from unnecessary ‘real-life’ pressures that consume us on the day to day. In the water is where we allow ourselves to be truly present and aware of the now. The ocean also more than ever needs our awareness, commitment, love and protection. So, OCIN was inspired by the ocean — to do our part in celebrating and protecting this magnificent body that gives us life.

OCIN is constantly inspired by the stories, the work, the art, and the movement of the community that surrounds them. They  collaborate with an artist each season, an organization every year, and other like-minded brands.

“Let’s ride a new wave together and change the world. Because together, we’re limitless”.