This Week’s Brand Spotlight: Ludovica Gualtieri Milano

When the swimsuit becomes sustainable

Ludovica Gualtieri Milano is the sustainable fashion brand born from the dynamic and creative soul of Ludovica Gualtieri, 28 years old from Mantua, Italy. She grew up between Northern and Southern Italy, found herself since she was a child to interface with different realities, contexts and traditions that have strongly impacted her way of being and living. Ludovica has always traveled a lot, driven by the need and desire to discover and learn different worlds and cultures.

A sustainable Fashion

Ludovica Gualtieri Milano was born about three years ago, even before Ludovica finished her studies. It all happened when, one day, she started drawing a shape, a drawing, a swimsuit. This immediately led her to imagine her own world driven by her brand, which had to be sustainable by choice.


Ludovica Gualtieri Milan sustainable by choice

The desire to outline fashion sustainable products comes from the designer mindset. She believes to build up the future necessary by paying attention to the environment and people’s well-being. Ludovica herself states

“We study and test the lines ourselves, the products are 100% Made in Italy, formulated with regenerated materials. Always, respecting the environment and the person.”

According to Ludovica, the customers must feel happy and proud by embracing the mission of Ludovica Gualtieri Milano, as each of her products aims to be the harmonious synthesis of eco-sustainability, respect for the environment and the person.


“Quality, precision, aesthetics, details, specific attention to well-being through fabrics, are the milestones. People must feel completely free, to be able to share and embrace this philosophy, they must be able to feel good about themselves, using that product. This doesn't happen because it's cool or trendy, not because it's sponsored by an influencer, but simply because they believe it.”

Looking to the future there are many challenges that the fashion designer has to face, but despite this she works with great positivity and optimism. “Honestly, I am very positive, I believe that with passion and determination each of us can reach the set goals. I face life trying to transform all negative energy, perhaps due to a failure or a sad event, into a match to light a nice warm fire. When you manage to do it, to channel your energy, somehow finding the strength to direct it where you want, then I would say that nothing or anyone can stop you anymore!” Says the young Designer.