by Robert Nieminen

Designers have an ongoing interest in materiality not only because it pertains to certain physical properties of building materials and finishes, but also because of its intangible value. The relevance of materiality in interiors in terms of its impact on a space and its occupants is perhaps more important than ever.


With sustainability in mind, October’s Product Breakdown features the 100% regenerated and regenerable ECONYL nylon. Through chemical and mechanical processes, nylon is recovered and recycled from waste materials including fishing nets, textile scraps, and carpets and transformed into nylon yarn.

“We want to inspire change, both in the way that architects and designers look for materials and the way they design the final products. We rely on architects and designers to see the waste issue as a pressing matter and inspire them to create with sustainable materials in the first phase of product development,” says Aquafil CEO and chairman Giulio Bonazzi.


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