By Valerie Dennis Craven

Looking to create a more positive impact and footprint on the world, Aquafil CEO and chairman Giulio Bonazzi wanted to transform the company his parents founded in 1956 into a circular business model. His team studied how to create a sustainable ingredient with a smaller environmental impact, and in 2011, following five years of research and development, the ECONYL Regeneration System launched.

ECONYL nylon is 100% regenerated and regenerable. Through chemical and mechanical processes, nylon is recovered and recycled from waste materials including fishing nets, textile scraps and carpets and transformed into nylon yarn.

Bonazzi says that ECONYL is the only commercially available nylon made of 100% waste material, with a minimum certified of 50% from post-consumer waste, and can be recycled an infinite number of times without any loss in quality.

“We’ve been able to move beyond recycling to create a true circular process,” Bonazzi explains. “Now, I view waste as an abundant resource. When I see a landfill, I see a goldmine.”


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