Using fabrics and textiles made from discarded ocean plastic and fishing nets


We all know that Stella McCartney is committed to creating fashion that is as sustainable as possible. Not only has she never used fur or leather in her collections, she also invests in new technologies and works alongside conservation charities to protect the environment. In fact, there’s even an entire ‘Sustainability World’ section on her official website – a page dedicated to explaining all the ways her label is committed to sustainability, and providing information on initiatives she supports.


Better still, the range is made largely from eco-friendly textiles including recycled polyester and organic cotton. There are some more innovative fabrics in use too: McCartney uses Parley Ocean Plastic, a material made from discarded plastic waste liberally throughout the collection, as well as ECONYL® yarn, a tech-savvy textile made from fabric scraps and fishing nets.

“We have a responsibility to provide women with a choice that allows them to be a part of a solution through our sustainable pieces and practices,” explains McCartney of her ongoing commitment to set a positive example. It’s fashion, but with a conscience.