By Daily Mail Reporter

  • Plastic you use could potentially be recycled and turned into household goods
  • The Daily Mail has listed some of the items which can be made from plastics
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So you’re one of the amazing people who’ve joined in the Daily Mail’s Great British Spring Clean and removed tons of plastic from our parks and rivers. Does it simply go into landfill? Of course not. Instead, depending on where you live, you’ll either be asked to take it to your nearest local authority recycling centre or arrange for them to pick it up so it can be sent to one of many recycling plants around the country. There, it will be sorted, washed and melted into pellets which are sold on to manufacturers who turn it into something new.



Fashion designer Stella McCartney has always produced vegetarian collections to save animals. Now she’s helping to save our seas. She’s using Aquafil’s ECONYL yarn made from converted ocean waste for her Falabella Go bag collection which includes a £540 backpack. ECONYL yarn uses abandoned fishing nets and other nylon waste.


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