WONDA is an environmentally conscious swimwear brand born, designed and handmade with love in the heart of Portugal.

At WONDA, they know how different every woman’s body shape and style is, that’s why they are aiming to provide a solution that fits every body shape. With their unique style and fitting advice, customers will conveniently be guided to finding their individual perfectly fitting WONDA set.

They also believe that the world can’t continue to make clothes that do not consider our environment, and therefore are of the opinion that sustainability should no longer be a choice but a necessity.

That’s why they are continuously working on reducing the footprint that their business produces while improving their social and environmental impact along every single part of their supply chain. For them, this is a journey where they constantly realize that there is always more to learn. They are open to adapt to these new learnings which offer them endless possibilities to evolve in. Their aim is to constantly make small improvements to do better, whilst being fully open and transparent to all their business partners and customers.

All their products are made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon and their pieces from #KeepItForeverCollection are bikinis that are meant last – but not only due to superior quality but also because of their classic & timeless design.

This allows people to wear their bikini for several seasons and years as it won’t fall out of trend.