Newly released carpet collections made with ECONYL® yarn

Featured at the Aquafil showroom at this year’s NeoCon


At this year’s NeoCon, North America’s largest design exposition and conference for commercial interiors, Aquafil celebrated 10 years of ECONYL® regenerated nylon. Since 2011, ECONYL® yarn has been turning waste into colorful solutions. NeoCon attendees were invited to our showroom to join in the celebration by coloring the walls.

100% regenerated and 100% regeneratable, ECONYL® nylon offers up to 90 percent reduction in global warming potential compared to nylon from fossil sources. In addition to the coloring wall, we showcased the latest sustainable carpet collections made with ECONYL® nylon to celebrate 10 years of innovation.

1. Delos

Technicolor Collection

Delos premiered their latest rug collection in our showroom at NeoCon. Inspired by the 1950s when color TV was first introduced and pop art was disrupting the traditional views of what art should be, the Technicolor Collection is trend-forward and tufted in a dense cut pile construction that is carved for a clean stamped appearance. Made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon, this carpet stands out without depleting the Earth’s precious resources. View the Collection.


FLOR joined us in our celebration of 10 years of ECONYL®, as they were one of the first flooring companies to fully embrace our vision and began using ECONYL® regenerated nylon right when we launched in 2011. At NeoCon, we featured two of their latest carpet collections. 

Gatsby Collection

Inspired by the Art Deco designs of the 1920s, the Gatsby collection reimagines the Greek key pattern with opulent metallic threads for a modern twist. Like all FLOR rugs, Gatsby is made with thoughtfully sourced materials and uses ECONYL® regenerated nylon made from 100% waste like fishing nets, textile scraps, and old carpets that would otherwise pollute the Earth. Gatsby modular tiles are available in a variety of beautiful and sustainable colors. View the collection

You’re So Vein Collection

This geode-inspired collection combines metallic veining and rich hues to create a carpet that is reminiscent of marble. Much like the metamorphic rock, no two tiles are alike creating a unique look that will elevate any space. The You’re So Vein collections come in five different colorways and all include metallic yarns made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon. View the collection

3. Interface

Rising Signs Collection

Inspired by the sacred geometry of nature, the Rising Signs collection features eight modern carpet products to elevate your space—each uniquely designed to work together in infinite combinations. The Earthy, calming neutrals and softer patterns infuse a biophilic perspective designed to elevate your space with eye-catching jewel tones. View the collection.

Granite Mountain Collection

The Granite Mountain carpet tile collection brings nature indoors with its impactful stone visuals. Featuring a soft, on-trend color palette of warm grays and earthy accents, the eight styles in the collection are biophilic in nature and also highlight the influence of the human connection. View the collection.

4. Milliken 

Heavy Meta Collection 

Introducing Heavy Meta, a new carpet collection from Milliken that experiments with the intriguing properties of metal to create an innovative and unconventional carpet collection. Every pattern found within the Heavy Meta collection features a brilliant, high-luster metallic fiber welded into each of its tiles. With two striking patterns offered in a series of unbounded colors, discover the inspiration that exists from the simple activation of a catalyst. View the collection.

5. Venture Contract

Anticosti Collection 

Inspired by the natural sensitivity and elements of Quebec’s coastline, the Anticosti collection explores the harmony between humans and the elements of nature. Distinguished by three patterns with irregular textures and colors reminiscent of coastal elements, Anticosti incorporates a touch of nature into your space with infinite design possibilities. View the collection

Infinite Possibilities

There are infinite possibilities with ECONYL® fibre. Right now, many products are designed with materials that deplete natural resources and create waste in the process. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Designers sit right at the heart of the solution, learn more about the possibilities.