MAPS, the new Legs & Leisure collection by Lenny Leleu

With her unorthodox leggings, tops, sweatshirts, and accessories, Lenny Leleu finds herself between sportswear and haute couture. Her first two collections surprised thanks to fashionable and graphic designs, which also work perfectly outside the gym. The German-Belgian fashion designer now uses this multifunctional style in her third collection ‘MAPS.’

Most items are made from ECONYL®, a regenerated fiber manufactured with discarded nylon like fishing nets recovered from the seas. This enables Leleu to work with sustainable materials, without having to compromise in comfort or color intensity. “For me, aesthetics and comfort come in first place, but if that can be done in a ‘green’ way, that is a big bonus,” says Leleu. Following this vision, the pieces are produced entirely in Belgium – the more complex, exclusive items, are made in-house.

A tight line, a form-hugging fit and tasteful cut-outs: Leleu’s signature is becoming well known.
“As a designer, I find my challenge in making my designs as flattering as possible for as many different body types as possible”, she says.
In addition to serving diverse body types, Leleu’s designs are also multifunctional in other areas. “You can run, dance, walk, do yoga … and also wear them outside of yoga class, as I do myself: during the day or a night out”, says the designer. “I’m happy to see that in the US it is very common to wear sportswear outside the gym; that broader view may now also be embraced in Europe.”

For her third Legs & Leisure collection called ‘MAPS,’ Leleu was inspired by satellite images of maps and coastal regions. The muted, deep color palette of green, blue and gray hues is inspired by the transitional lines between earth, rocks, sandy beaches, seas and lakes, seen from above. In a graphic and modern way, Leleu managed to translate this into seven items, ranging from leggings, tops, biker shorts and a body that can also be worn as a bathing suit.

“The new pieces perfectly combine with the bestsellers from the previous collection, which will also remain available on our webshop.”

‘MAPS’ is available online from March 1st and during some private sales, which will be announced on Leleu’s social media channels ahead of time.

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