Hyundai’s “Going Circular” with IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 6 car mats made with ECONYL® nylon

“Going Circular” tells a story of the circular economy, the story of Hyundai’s IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 6 floor mats made with ECONYL® nylon. 

Produced in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery, the documentary miniseries captures Hyundai’s sustainability approach with a journey through Europe – from Greece to Slovenia and Germany – in three parts: its partnership with the Healthy Seas Foundation to create a cleaner and more sustainable world, the production of ECONYL® nylon in the AquafilSLO plant in Ljubljana and its integration into Hyundai car mats.

Sustainability partners like Veronika Mikos, Director of Healthy Seas, Pascal van Erp, Founder of Ghost Diving and Denis Jahić, General Manager of AquafilSLO, and environmental enthusiasts, like Bertrand Piccard and York Hovest, lead viewers through Hyundai’s journey, to tell the story about the circular economy and share the vision for a sustainable future. Along the way, viewers can follow the journey from waste materials to car interiors, learning how one person’s waste is truly another’s treasure, and watching how waste can be transformed into ECONYL® yarn, an environmentally friendly resource for creating new products, such as car floormats.

The documentary begins with ocean steward and photographer York Hovest as he makes his way to Ithaca, Greece, where Healthy Seas and partners are undertaking a major clean-up activity, with support from Hyundai.

The ghost nets are then transported to Aquafil’s warehouse and processing plant in Slovenia, where they are regenerated along with other nylon waste into ECONYL® yarn.

Later, Hyundai Motorsport ETCR driver Norbert Michelisz travels to Germany to show viewers Hyundai Motorsport’s vision of sustainability.

In Episode 2, explorer and activist Bertrand Piccard travels to Slovenia to see how nylon waste is transformed into ECONYL® regenerated nylon at the AquafilSLO plant in Ljubljana. Bertrand meets Denis Jahić, who guides him through the ECONYL® regeneration process, and Yasin Savci, who enlightens him about the milestones in eco-friendly automotive design.

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“The challenges for reaching full sustainability are huge. This is why we need pioneers who give an impulse for different ways of thinking and doing. And now, we have to do the next steps.”

Bertrand Piccard – Explorer, Activist, Hyundai Brand Ambassador


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