Swimwear designed with love for the ocean and for a sustainable future


ABYSSE is a sustainable brand that views the world through a conscious lens.

Sustainability is the fundamental value of Abysse’s mindset. They aim to align women with the ideals of sustainable fashion which is why they aim to create garments made out of environmentally conscious material, with the goal of reducing the footprint on the Planet.

They are a women owned business led by a mother-daughter duo, locally produced in the USA, using recycled materials from the beginning to end of their value chain.

Their goal is to design with active women in mind, and create pieces that will suit their active lifestyle, in and out of the ocean.

Their love for the ocean and their commitment to its conservation drives them to create better.

They are using ECONYL® regenerated nylon materials since their creation, using the fibre for their entire bikini and activewear collections.

They aim to give their consumers the choice to support a product that has the future of the environment in mind, by creating versatile products that can be used many times for many purposes of across their lifespan. As a conscious creators, they celebrate the opportunity to include the ideals of Mother Nature, of women and a sustainable future together.

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