by Livia Firth

Dear fashion lovers,

With this global pandemic shining a spotlight on fashion’s biggest problems, one can only wonder: how did it all get so messy? When did we stop thinking about our clothes as the dear friends they should be, and start to treat them as disposable? And most importantly – when did the word sustainability start to become so empty? Shall we try and return its meaning?

I grew up in Italy in the 70s and 80s in a family of four siblings. Only my father worked; we had to be frugal with lots of things, including what we wore. Hand-me-downs and make-your-own were the norm and by the time I started earning money, I saved as much as I could to buy staple garments – famously saving for more than a year to buy my Max Mara coat, which cost 700 000 liras (the equivalent of probably £1 000 today). I still have it!


8. Go upcycled or recycled with your fabric
There are amazing recycled materials out there made from waste – Econyl regenerated nylon is a favorite, made from recycled fishing nets and carpets. You can already buy swimwear and sports clothes made from it. Another way to approach it is to upcycle your old clothes. Take something you haven’t worn for years and use the fabrics, pockets, zips, and buttons to create something new.


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